Is Your New Car Giving You Trouble?

Imagine it, you've just bought yourself a new car, and you are cruising around the city streets. You're the apple of everyone's eye who sees your new ride. It is, in essence, a perfect moment. And then, all of sudden, a rumbling, grating, CLUNK CLUNK erupts from somewhere beneath you. Then, just as fast as your day was looking up, it starts looking down. Suddenly, your new car reveals itself to be a dud, and you're headed to the mechanics to have it fixed.

Let's face it. Cars can have a load of problems associated with them and since they are the main way in which we get around, that is no small issue. They get us to and from work, school, appointments, and everywhere else. What would you do if you had no car but had to get all your things from point A to point B? The problems that strike cars seem to come along at the most inopportune moments, right when you are turning onto the onramp to go to that presentation, or on the way to your organic chemistry final, or your best friend's wedding.

The only thing that seems to unite the moments when trouble strikes your mode of transportation is that it happens when you have the least amount of money to deal with it. Sure, that seems to be like a cruel and senseless twist of fate. But it is often the case. How many weekend getaways or television upgrades have you had to forgo in order to purchase a new transmission or install a new timing belt?

A common problem that car owners run into is having a battery that is either dead or not working properly. As common as it is, this problem is not as cheaply fixed as one would like. This results from the fact, as usual, that you have to pay someone to replace a battery for you if you don't know how to do it yourself, which always results in greatly increased costs. Or, if your battery is fine, your tires will certainly require attention at some point, since either normal wear and tear or a jagged pothole or wayward nail will cause them to be ruined.

Then there are all the graver ills that can afflict a vehicle, such as the starter going out, the clutch slipping, spark plugs misfiring, all of which will cost a pretty penny to have fixed, if you can't repair them yourself.

What can you do to avoid these problems? Well, in essence, nothing. But, then, what can you do? Well, perhaps the best thing that anyone can do is to invest in a suitable warranty for their vehicle.

These plans can very well be the difference between a broken bank and a less serious payment. Warranties work to make sure that the service given to your car is professional and that you will not be ripped off in the process.


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