Identify The Right Truck Lift With These Tips

There are so many brands to consider when searching for a truck lift, the entire process can seem overwhelming. You want to find a model that will work for your situation that includes the type of vehicles to be serviced, the amount of space you have available, and amount of money you have to invest in equipment. Convenience, quality, safety, and style are just some of the things you need to consider when looking for car lifts.

How Easy Is It To Use?

This may be one of the most important questions to answer when selecting and purchasing car lifts, although your budget and how often the truck lift will be used need to be considered as well. Perhaps the most difficult to use are mechanical car lifts. These lifts require a set of pins, locks, and human manpower to raise and lower the vehicle. They are the most unfriendly to use. A hydraulic model that can be operated by the push of a button may be a better option for a slightly higher price.

The least expensive models are the two and four post lifts. They can be used to lift the vehicle for easy repairs or can be set up to store a vehicle if needed. If your needs change over time, you can purchase accessories to make them safer for heavier vehicles.

What Type Of Vehicles Will Be Using The Lift?

Professional and amateur mechanics alike often have difficulty when it comes to this factor. A professional garage may work on a variety of vehicles, all with different wheelbases and weights. For this reason, an in ground model is the most popular. If an in ground model is not practical, a four post model may be the answer. They are not as common and not as easy to use as in ground lifts. In addition, if overcrowding is a factor, an in ground lift can reduce the amount of damage overcrowding may cause.

For the back yard mechanic, the usual is a two or four post model. Four post lifts have added stability and can lift heavier vehicles. They're also better if the vehicle is going to be left for storage because of the stability. If storage isn't a consideration for your needs, you can also use a scissor truck lift. This will give you better access to the undercarriage of the truck.

How Much Space Do I Have?

To operate safely, every model of truck lift requires a certain amount of space. However, some models are more compact than others are, and were specifically designed for tighter locations. Two post car lifts are the most common space savings units. The two post version gives you easy access the to car's interior as the entire vehicle is not suspended in the air. It provides a more asymmetrical style with more weight in the front half and rotated posts. Symmetrical lifts are better equipped to lifting heavier vehicles due to their stabilizer bars.

Compact units are also available. These smaller units are better for storage purposes because you can store more than one car at a time. If repairing vehicles is your main intention, then an in ground model will save space while making it easier to raise and lower the vehicles.

Car lifts can be the amateur or professional mechanics best friend. The key is to find one that fits in the space you have available, is easy to use, and is economical to purchase. Look at your needs carefully before making your selection and you'll have a piece of equipment that will give you years of service.


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